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Custom Fabrication

 767 Imperial St. N, Guelph ON

phone: (519)-822-8522 • fax: (519)-822-9967

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication requires unique skill sets and specialized machining services. At Plasfab we have both.
The first step in developing customized solutions is understanding the challenge. What is the best solution for your specific needs? At Plasfab, we have the people, experience, knowledge and technology to develop custom solutions that meet your unique needs.

We work closely with clients, starting with on-site visits to determine the challenges.

developing concepts from basic sketches to certified engineered stamped drawings. Our recommendations often lead to increased productivity, lower costs of initial investment for fabrication, and improved preventative maintenance efficiencies.

When required, we provide a complete set of CAD drawings, and if necessary, we will provide certified engineered stamped drawings from a third party.

All of our fabrications can be supplied to you stress-relieved and blasted to specification.

From small to medium-duty fabrication, we have the in-house technology and expertise to see our customer's concepts through the design stage, to manufacturing and installation.

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